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The 71 acts designed to keep relationships at the short-term, superficial level fell into 2 broad groups: To keep the relationship short-term, participants acted in ways to avoid contact, intimacy, and integration with the rest of their lives (i.e.

keeping the partner from meeting family and friends).

Interestingly, they went into the research assuming that, despite the stereotype, women as well as men could fit the criteria—and in fact, the study included plenty of female pickup artists based on the self-reports the team collected.

In the pilot study that began the project, Jonason and Buss asked 102 participants—all undergraduate students and two-thirds of them female—to describe their experiences with people who had “pursued short-term sexual encounters.” The 71 acts the participants described ranged from abuse (verbal or physical) to avoidance (not returning emails or phone calls).

Male and female pickup artists were equally likely to use the tactics that would keep the relationship from evolving into a one of longer-term intimacy, as well as to seek ways to keep the relationship sexual.

However, there were some gender differences: Men were more likely to use violence directed toward their partners, while women were more likely to let a partner know that they were only in the relationship for the sex.

The “true confessions” of pickup artists that emerge from time to time in the media present stories of seduction from the mundane to the almost unbelievable.

Pickup artists come in all shapes and sizes, as do their routines.

They also occasionally behaved in abusive ways toward the partner, either physical or verbal.

To keep the relationship sexual rather than emotional in nature, those who used short-term mating strategies relied on alcohol as an excuse, let their partner know the relationship was strictly sexual, and behaved in ways that let the partner know they had, and would continue to have, interest in other sexual partners.

This time, the sample of nearly 300 students had an almost 50-50 gender split.

Participants reported on their own tendency to commit the acts consistent with pickup artists, and answered questions about their attitudes toward casual sex and their self-ratings of how good a mate they believed themselves to be.

They defined these strategies as ones that attempt to engage the other person in sex but to avoid any kind of long-term commitment.

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