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In 1 Timothy 5, Paul instructs young Timothy to treat “younger women as sisters, in all purity.” I have two sons who are 7 and 10 years older than their baby sister.

They adore our daughter and she adores them – and they would do anything to protect her.

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But, I hope the following suggestions will help you as you try to instruct your kids in this area of their lives.

Raising godly children is a daunting task – and trying to equip them to navigate dating relationships is seriously one of the most challenging things my husband and I have ever done.

Then, at age 17, they can allow their kids to double-date or go on group dates.

My husband and I lean more towards the Rainey school of dating, but I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rule.

However, Dennis Rainey, CEO of Family Life, discourages any one-on-one dating until after high school.

He advises parents to allow outings with a mixed group of teens when their kids are 15.

But, having served several years in youth ministry, and having raised two sons, I have learned a few things – though admittedly, often by trial and error.

My husband and I still have a daughter at home, so this is an area where we’re continuing to learn.

But, I do think it means they don’t make out with him or her.

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