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The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, ordered by their atomic number, electron configurations, and recurring chemical properties.

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He developed his table to illustrate periodic trends in the properties of the then-known elements.

Mendeleev also predicted some properties of then-unknown elements that would be expected to fill gaps in this table.

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Most of his predictions were proved correct when the elements in question were subsequently discovered.

Mendeleev's periodic table has since been expanded and refined with the discovery or synthesis of further new elements and the development of new theoretical models to explain chemical behaviour.While she attempts to support herself in a side plank, you hold on to her waist and enter her sideways.As soon as you start pumping, there will be all kinds of strain on both of you. well, you’ll both be a pile of pulled muscles in no time. To even set up for this position requires some gymnastic ability. Then she has to get on top of you without knocking your limbs out from under you.This ordering shows periodic trends, such as elements with similar behaviour in the same column.It also shows four rectangular blocks with some approximately similar chemical properties.After all, you just have to hold her up and you can lean on a wall.

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