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This is a follow-up to my post Roth IRA Contribution vs.

Emergency Fund Savings, where I suggested that people should just fund their Roth IRAs first over an Emergency Fund.

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In conclusion, although taking out a former Roth IRA contribution as a distribution may be (1) an unqualified distribution, it is also (2) not taxable and (3) not subject to any additional penalties.

When subsequently filing your taxes, remember to fill out IRS Form 8606 as indicated above so show the IRS that you are only taking out your original basis. If you are under 59½, you usually need to make a specific request to your broker.

Where would-be Van Halens can master Eddie's gestures without absorbing the underlying intelligence at work partly because those gestures themselves are writ so large, anyone listening to Vai has to penetrate the carefully woven web of melodic and harmonic understanding, the off-kilter rhythmic flares, the restless and searching tonal variations and, of course, the emotional vibe that come together to spin out this ramified musician's vocabulary.

Articulate as Steve Vai is with his ax, so is he with his speech.

Here is the info from my Vanguard account: You can request a withdrawal from your IRA online, over the phone, or by mail.

You can have a check sent to you, have the proceeds deposited directly to your bank account, or transferred to a nonretirement Vanguard account.

So when he arrives, a kind of controlled pandemonium breaks out: Everybody wants to shake his hand, stop by and say "Hi," mention one of their favorite bits of his work and all that.

Steve is his habitually gracious self, unselfconsciously poised, friendly, unflustered.

'' I've never really heard anybody imitating anything of mine the way they do with Edward Van Halen's stuff," says Steve once the office has been cleared and the coffee's been brought and the chairs tilted back so we can listen and talk with our feet up on the editor-in-chief's cluttered deskful of manuscripts and memos.

If that's true, and it seems to be -- it may be because how Steve Vai does what he does is less easily separable from what he does than Van Halen's techniques, like his overcloned two-handed tapping, are from own musicality.

That poise stays with him in the very different situations he's thrown into, providing him with a perspective that gives him needed distance on himself and those around him.

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