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Nowadays, we can test for a wide variety of bacterial infections with a single urine test in men, and woman are able to self-swab from the genital area.

Examinations are usually only needed for those with symptoms.

There have been three reports of gonorrhoea infections abroad – in Japan, France and Spain – that were resistant to almost all drugs. This is why safe sex is so important in all age groups – but many people over 45 in particular may not give STIs much thought.

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So-called super-gonorrhoea is a term used to describe strains of the infection that have become highly resistant against one of the antibiotics normally used to treat them.

The first outbreak was reported in the UK two years ago, but these were all treated successfully thanks to an alternative antibiotic that is still effective.

But it does rather feel as if older people have been forgotten about – and are considered not to have sex. Another problem is that some people are diagnosed with an STI only once it has gone on to cause complications.

An example of this is pelvic inflammatory disease, caused by untreated chlamydia.

In contrast, cases in the under-45 age bracket have fallen by 8.4 per cent over the same period.

Sexual health specialists say a ‘perfect storm’ of factors is to blame: older people enjoying a more active love life due to pills such as Viagra, coupled with ignorance about safe sex and a lack of health campaigns aimed directly at them.

If they are at risk, middle-aged women should add sexual health testing to their existing screening repertoire of cervical smears and mammograms.

For those who remember testing as invasive and uncomfortable, things have moved on.

Middle-aged Britons are on the brink of a sexual health crisis, experts have warned, after a surge in the number of sexually transmitted infections in the over-45s.

The problem is most pronounced in women over 65 – there has been a dramatic 25 per cent increase in the diagnosis of STIs over the past five years.

Everyone should be screened for the main infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV.

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