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" inserted as a sexually suggestive double entendre even in the most inappropriate circumstances, including business meetings and legal depositions.Michael finds uttering the phrase so irresistible that in "Sexual Harassment" he is goaded into saying it just seconds after Jan Levinson and a lawyer from Corporate specifically order him not to do so. In Goodbye, Toby, it is said that he had written songs such as "Beers in Heaven" (which he tells Holly is "very sexual") and "Total Eclipse of the Fart".

Michael was born on March 15, 1964 at AM, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. On several occasions he has talked about his loneliness as a child.

In Diversity Day, Michael claims to be of English, Irish, German and Scottish ancestry. In "Nepotism", it is revealed that Michael had a half-sister, from whom he was estranged from 1995 through 2010.

Michael eventually resumed his position as sole branch manager following Dunder Mifflin's merger with Sabre and remained in the position until his move to Colorado in the Season 7 episode Goodbye, Michael, marking his last appearance in the manager role.

Given Scott's lengthy tenure as branch manager and central nature to much of the show's contents, he is considered the most influential character of the series. M.) Michael appears at Dwight's wedding after Jim passes being Dwight's best man to Michael as his "greatest prank ever".

Even though he is generally oblivious to criticism, derision and sarcasm, Michael has some limits to his patience, and leaves to question the extent of offense that he can actually acknowledge (demanding professional respect from Stanley Hudson in "Did I Stutter" or standing up to the employees in favor of Holly in "Business Ethics").

In "The Meeting", it is shown that Michael does not aim for his employees' betterment or his own, thinking that this would put his job at jeopardy; he unwittingly turns down a promotion that would put Jim in his position, choosing the status quo over his employees' ambitions.He rose to his manager position by being one of the best salesmen in the company, winning consecutive awards for best salesman.When it comes to leaving the personal life out of work Michael does not seem to understand the concept.In the episode of Paper Planes" of season 9, Pam has a flashback of the day she and Jim got married at the church and in the row of people you can spot Michael Scott sitting down (Paper Airplane). He is then seen during the reception showing pictures of his kids to Pam.Jim and Michael's conversation from the Pilot is heard as the employees watch the premiere of the documentary, The Office: An American Workplace at Poor Richard's. His final appearance (new/unseen in any prior episode) on the show is him talking to camera about how proud he is that his "kids" (Dwight, Angela, Jim, Pam) have grown up and married each other.His final time on screen is prior footage of him straightening a drawing of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton building, which was created by Pam.

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