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TV and Movie Discovery ———————-The original version of Google TV had all the necessary hooks into TV and movie content.

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But the results you received were anything but Googly in their depth and relevance, and weren't aggregated across all of Google TV's content sources. First, search results are now more comprehensive and detailed.

Second, there's a new TV & Movies app that lets you intuitively *browse *for high-end video content, using a full slate of filters to narrow choices pulled from cable and satellite, as well as You Tube, Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO and other premium online sources.

The old view listed apps in a long, single-file list arrangement.

The new view (see screenshot below) mimics an Android Honeycomb tablet interface.

When you browse content in the new app, you can head straight to various thematic headings (e.g., comedy, drama, sports) to window shop for a video that suits your fancy.

You can also sort by video quality, price, and according to when a video is playing (e.g., "On Now").

But actually *finding *the right content to watch was still quite difficult.

Sure, you could hit the search button of your Google TV remote, and key in an appropriate search term.

All this Googly goodness is wrapped up in a new user interface that aims to simplify a challenging information design – a design that's left many Google TV customers with a persistent sense of yuck.

An Inauspicious Debut ———————When Google TV launched, it was to seamlessly co-mingle "live TV" (read: broadcast, satellite and cable) with streaming video services like You Tube, Netflix, and Amazon Video On Demand. Whether you were running a Google TV set-top box manufactured by Logitech or Sony, or directly tapping into the Google TV software installed in various Sony TVs, you were faced with a series of menus that defied easy access and discovery of the content you actually wanted to see.

You could also use your Google TV software to search the web, and even access digital content from your home network or attached storage. And it's also possible you bought your Google TV in the mistaken belief that it's a "cord-cutting" platform – that it would allow you to nix your cable or satellite service, and instead watch your favorite TV shows via direct Internet streaming.

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