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is such a cosy return to the big screen - comfort-zone Soderbergh - that it makes his absence feel like a drop in the ocean. There's a small fortune to be stolen, a jostling ensemble needed to get together to do it.The hows, the wheres, the whys and the whens are stacked up with perfect dexterity by a show-runner who's been around the block.Downsized and downtrodden, they won't be patronised - but when the system isn't offering them anything much, their only option is to screw it and help themselves.

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The film took almost a decade to get into production as most studios rejected the script, which was eventually picked up by Relativity Media for $6 million.

The film was shot over a period of several years, as casting also proved to be a challenge for the producers.

And he has a bad relationship with his frosty ex-wife (Katie Holmes), who's threatening to leave the state with their daughter and retain sole custody.

Jimmy needs a windfall, badly, and his brother - the even-unluckier Clyde (Adam Driver), who lost his left hand in Iraq - is willing to come on board.

Under those circumstances, the seasoned mercenary, Lone Starr, and his trusty half-human, half canine sidekick, Barf, will attempt to save the princess in distress, while at the same time, the ruthless loan shark, Pizza the Hut is after them.

But in the end, only he who can harness the mystical and mighty force known only as "The Schwartz", will be able to save the day.

From the twisted minds of producers Peter Farrelly (Hall Pass, Shallow Hal) and Charles Wessler (There's Something About Mary, Dumb & Dumber), comes Movie 43-- the outrageous new ensemble comedy starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Movie 43 is not for the easily-offended and contains jaw-dropping, sometimes shockingly disturbing, but always entertaining intertwined storylines you'll have to see to believe.

Movie 43 is a 2013 American anthology comedy film co-directed and produced by Peter Farrelly, and written by Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko among others.

The film features fourteen different storylines, each one by a different director, including Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Will Graham, and Jonathan van Tulleken.

Wessler tries to calm Schraeder down with more story ideas to no avail, but Mone pulls out a gun and shoots Schraeder to death. They tell Baxter of a film that's so dangerous it will cause the annihilation of the world. They find the sketches starting from the 43rd search on the list of results. J.'s classmate Stevie Schraeder (Nate Hartley), film executive Griffin Schraeder's oldest son, hostage.

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