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All dating advice anywhere, ever, begins with ‘Be Yourself.’ It sounds easy enough, but the prerequisite of yourself, and how to present your true face to the world.

Not everyone appeals to everyone else, and, in order to maximize your chances of success, you have to be honest about who and what you are, and what you’re offering.

Back by popular demand, the American Literary Translators Association is delighted to present Speed-Dating for Editors and Translators at our 40th annual conference.

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Good Fellas shouldn't even be mentioned in this because it was written by Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese and directed by Martin Scorsese. And as for Juassic Park, I believe it is the first movie about Dinosaurs so who was going to say no? Not to mention it was based on a novel by the same guy who wrote the screenplay.

The types and mentions of movies that should be in this list to help novice screenwriters should be those who were constantly turned down.

Even a few years ago, a screenwriter could afford a leisurely introduction, setting up the basics of their story’s Who/What/Why/Where/When over the first ten to fifteen pages.

Now, thanks to the exponentially growing number of screenplays on the market, the increasing importance of genre categories (see: Netflix algorithm), and the ever-decreasing attention spans of readers, any hopeful script has to establish its overall identity straight out of the gate – ideally before that fifth page turn. ), genre (Netflix currently has 76,897 ways of categorizing a movie), geographical and temporal setting, themes.

Translators will be paired with a participating editor for a 10-15 minute mini-meeting to receive feedback on up to two pages of their work.

Translators are also welcome to submit guiding questions for specific feedback.So, when you’ve finished the latest draft of your current screenplay, sit down and look carefully at those first five pages, and imagine that you’re meeting for the first time — as part of a high pressure, ticking clock countdown, onto the next scenario. Or do you want to toss it back in the hope that something better comes along?Karina Wilson is a British writer based in Los Angeles.Others prefer to jump straight in with a bank heist or a car chase, others an argument.There’s no right or wrong way to begin your story – for every – but in those first five pages you have to make sure your screenplay has one thing: appeal.Applications are accepted through Submittable, and will close at pm EST on Friday September 15, 2017.

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