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Miami nights start late—dinner doesn't get going until well past nine—so leave time for a catnap before hitting the streets.Hedonism still reigns at South Beach nightspots like Nikki Beach Club an adult playground where you can bump and grind on one of four dance floors or rent a four-poster bed on the beach for the price of a bottle of booze.

All this and a crackling fire in your hotel-room hearth.

, one of the nation's 19 original Shaker communities, settled in 1783 and made a museum in 1961. Berkshire County's museums house enough masterpieces for a crash course (well, almost).

Restaurant and club owners are also establishing outposts in other neighborhoods; in Little Havana, a group of DJ's and musicians called the Spam Allstars packs Café Hoy Como Ayer every Thursday night with their blend of traditional Cuban music, funk, and rock.

Daylight hours are typically reserved for sleeping off the night before—preferably on the beach.

Whether the cold, crisp air has you yearning for the tropics or strapping on skis, we've got a trip for you.

Here are 10 winter escapes, from Miami's latest hot spots to a party-on-ice in Canada.

Panama City is also a good base for exploring the rest of the country.

Consider a trek into the opaque, mysterious Darién Jungle or a visit to the cooler ChiriquÍ highlands, heaven for hikers, river rafters, birders, volcanologists (you never know), and coffee connoisseurs.

The musician, actor, and political activist, who recently released his 17th album, )• "Visit the town of Natá de los Caballeros, west of Panama City, to see one of the oldest functioning Catholic churches in North America, built in 1522."• "Board a Panama City bus and feel the exhilaration of the Indy 500, for 25 cents—excluding insurance."• "Or try just crossing a street in Panama City—say, Via España—at noon.

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