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These men are considered potential good husbands as they are deemed “safe” and “reliable.” Such men are between 172 and 182 centimeters tall, possess a mild temperament, are loyal, know how to cook a little, have a bachelor’s degree, earn 3,000 yuan (US4) to 10,000 yuan a month, don’t smoke and don’t hang out in bars too often.

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Only 1 percent of single women and 7 percent of single men hope their potential mates have never dated in the past.

Most respondents said they prefer someone with one to three previous relationships, the website’s survey based on 176,715 interviewees nationwide revealed.

Shanghainese men were also attracted by women’s buttocks and eyes, according to the survey.

It also found 76 percent of Chinese men hope for a breast size of C-cup or larger, meaning some 71 percent of women in the country do not meet their requirements.

And even if a female expat is able to find a Chinese man for a romantic relationship, her “Mr. ” And yet, it seems what Stephanie truly desires aren’t arms to hold her during cold nights.

She is looking for an end to the status quo that has marginalized expat women in Shanghai: In turn, it would also be interesting to watch Western men finally get a reality check and discover that most of them are hardly “God’s gift to women” and could never get this much action back in their home countries.

Stephanie describes Chinese men as “effeminate” and “small-sized” people who don’t have the capability to have a relationship with a foreign woman.

“If anything, [foreign women are] considered too dominant, turning the majority of them off with our independent personalities and strong opinions,” she wrote. Stephanie writes that Chinese men are interested in “engaging us in one night stands or brief flings, but then cutting things off abruptly when it’s time for the relationship to move into serious territory.” Despite her condescending view of Chinese men, Stephanie hopes to have a relationship with a Chinese man in Shanghai, warning them to “watch out because here I come!

For a restless soul looking for answers, China can serve as another another rung up the corporate ladder or a fresh start.

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