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Personally, if that ever goes that route, I will ask the writers to never have Michael get back together with her again because I wouldn't as Shane and I wouldn't as Michael -- .

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However, West has been involved in multiple romantic love affairs in the past.

He dated Evan Rachel, Sherrie Rose, Bijou Phillips, Jenna Dewan, Alicia Zacharkiewicz, Monica Keena, Dina Meyer, and Rachel Leigh Cook. Till date, West does not have a wife as he has not married.

The cast this week sat down with Entertainment Weekly and opened up about their time making the movie, offering up a few surprising revelations.

Now 32, Mandy revealed she had a massive crush on her co-star while shooting the tearjerker.'Shane was so cool.

Hollywood hunk Shane West’s current relationship status is single.

‘A Walk to Remember’ actor West, however, has not been single since forever. During an interview, he revealed about dating someone outside of the Hollywood.Everything about him – the way he dressed, the little cigarettes that he smoked, and the music he listened to,' she confessed.'He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him.'Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a rebellious teenage boy named Landon, who falls for the sweet Jamie.I remember I wasn’t keen on that idea and thankfully it didn’t happen,' he revealed. The person just didn’t seem right.'While both stars describe the film as life-changing, Mandy says the biggest impact was on her appearance – specifically her hair, which she had to dye brown for the role.'I was blonde then and, for the most part, haven’t gone back since. 'As silly as it sounds, there was a real significance in the way that people saw me, but also in the way that I carried myself and that I saw myself.'While the pair have no plans to reunite together onscreen at the moment, Mandy says they're both keen to, and are just looking for the right opportunity.'We're working on it! For now though, fans of the hit film will just have to settle for a walk down memory lane instead. 'Shane followed suit as he posted the message: 'It seems it's the 15th anniversary of the little engine that could.... Time flies Your love and support for this film will always put a smile on our faces.Mandy took to Instagram to mark the occasion on Wednesday, sharing a photo from the movie and writing: 'In honor of the 15th anniversary of A Walk To Remember, let's take a walk down memory lane... Later adding, "He's more worried about being the rock that he usually is.

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