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The name (KJV) Gideon gave the altar he constructed in Ophrah to commemorate the visit of the angel of the Lord, who assured Gideon that he would not die because he had seen an angel, and commissioned him to liberate Israel from the Midianites (Judg , 24).The Shalom Group of Caorle, in collaboration with the municipal administration, for organizing the evening of Friday, April 16, 2010, at 20.30 at the Civic Center plaza Bishopric, a meeting-debate on "Progress of Cancer Research . 09/11/2017 - IN LATISANA THE FAIR OF SAN MARTINO NUMBER 103 This is the time of the San Martino Fair.

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On the 17, 18 and 19 November at the Valter Vicentini palasport, the Venice Cup, the international karate trophy. The competition is open to many categories, even for young people. READ NEWS 03/11/2017 - VENERDI LUDIC WITH TABLE GAMES The Towers of the Tropics 198 come back to the Knights of the Playground. There are numerous gastronomic stands of concordies and restaurants to taste the typical dishes of the season. About 17 o'clock there will be agrave; the presentation of the novel by Francesco Fontana. READ NEWS 03/11/2017 - START THE ACCADEMIC YEAR OF POPULAR UNIVERSITY.

READ NEWS 08/12/2017 - CHRISTMAS MARKETS ARRIVE Christmas markets come back. READ NEWS 08/12/2017 - BACK THE SKATING RACE FOR CHRISTMAS FESTS Caorle Natale Active holiday returns by the end of the year. READ NEWS 27/10/2017 - TABLE GAMES FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS Friday October 27 at 16 pm appointment with table games. Begins the New Academic Year for Universit; Popular in Caorle.

The Group is an association of Caorle Shalom, who for many years in the voluntary sector, concentrating its resources particularly in the transportation of cancer patients in the hospital area and organizing, as on this occasion, meetings and information exchange.

Pumpkin and new wine between the booths from gioved & igrave; November 9 and November 13, Tuesday.

In fact, the program wants to allow poetry, which represents the bone structure of the event, to be the canvas on which more artistic forms...

READ NEWS 11/08/2017 - Double Flavor Music Festival Concerto in 3 date: 11-12-13 Agosto.

The chosen days are Sunday 19, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November.

On November 30, in the church of Sant' Andrea, the usual concert is organized. READ NEWS 31/10/2017 - PORTOGRUARO ARRIVES THE STATUE OF MADONNA DI FATIMA One Hundred Years ago Maria's appearance at Fatima, the three little shepherds.

In fact, some information about the attraction for children and adults has been disclosed. READ NEWS 29/10/2017 - FESTIVAL FALLS IN ANOTHER CONCORD Sunday 29th October at Concordia Sagittaria from dawn to sunset ther the Autumn Festival. READ NEWS 26/10/2017 - CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE AND PRESENTATION FONTANA WRITER'S BOOK In Civic Center.

The skating rink will installed in Piazza San Giovanni XXIII pope. READ NEWS 17/11/2017 - KARATE, ENTRIES TO THE VENICE CUP Caorle town of the sport, even in the fall. Even in summer & egrave; it was possible to play, thanks to the football association. Over 100 exhibitors will make you discover the flowers and tastes of this season. Thursday October 26 at 16 o'clock; the climate conference titled Climate that changes.

READ NEWS 30/11/2017 - SAN VITO AL CAGLIAMENTO SHOW ON THE VENETO PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE 900 At the San Vito al Tagliamento Photography Research and Archiving Center, the Venetian photographers of the twentieth century are exhibiting. In the Galleria alle Mulini Saturday 11 November preview of the Viva Comix comedy festival of Pordenone. At the 21 o'clock book presentation Rosso Corallo by Omar Bozza. READ NEWS 12/11/2017 - BOOK ON MOTHERS OF CALCUTTA TERESA The Frassati association of Caorle organizes the presentation of the book Govindo, the gift of Mother Teresa, who speaks of Santa Teresa of Calcutta. You eat as in Ireland and perform shows and concerts. READ NEWS 13/11/2017 - PORTUGAL PRESENTATION OF SAN ANDREA FAIR On Monday, November 13, in the town hall of Portogruaro, the presentation of the San Andrea Apostolo Fair takes place.

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