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That was the same year the government brought in TV.

At the university hostel, everyone watched the few hours of government programming each day. I loved the Six Million Dollar Man and James Bond for all their technology.

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Today more than three-quarters of the population have a cell phone, most of them smartphones. Farmers in oxcarts, Buddhist monks, businesspeople launching startups—they all now have the world at their thumbs.

As I was traveling through Myanmar’s remote northern mountains early this year, I saw a boy sitting on an elephant’s head, steering with his feet while his hands swiped his phone. But what is it like to endure, in just a few short years, the transition Western countries have had a quarter century to work through?

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According to a man who was loading rice onto the elephant, the boy was heading to a rebel battalion in the jungle to help defend an illegal mine. Tech is powerful anywhere, but it’s particularly powerful when it’s brand-new and easy to exploit.

In the stories that follow, six people share their experiences from the forefront of Myanmar’s mobile revolution.

The beauty lies in the fact that you can see with whom talking.

Importantly - correctly configure your microphone and pick interlocutor, who was also clearly audible.

That made me one of the first people to use a personal computer in Myanmar. Around 2000, because of my expertise, I started representing Myanmar at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on technological matters.

As I traveled, I saw that neighboring countries were surpassing us.

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