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An over-all female surplus can be detected in Southern Europe as well, although it is uncertain why exactly this is the case.

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This tendency is clearly visible on the map below, where ESPON (European Observation Network, Territorial Development and Cohesion) has looked at the sex ratio for people between the ages of 25 to 29.

Particularly highly educated females are moving to the cities and for several reasons; first of all, there are more universities in the cities than in the rural areas.

Feminists are also unsure of what this gender imbalance will mean for the European society.

They argue that it is incomparable to countries such as China or India because the gender dynamics in these countries is entirely different.

According to sociologist and lecturer Baiba Bela, this is due to a couple of factors.

Most importantly, the fall of the Soviet Union and the upcoming of capitalism has mostly taken a toll on men.

The century-long trend female population dominance has changed over the last year. A clear male surplus has previously been attributed to countries such as India, China and Saudi-Arabia, where there is a clear preference for male over female children. The surplus in Sweden is noticeable as of 2015, and according to population expert Tomas Johansson, countries like Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK might also tilt towards a male majority population.

Why then are countries in Northern Europe – famous for their gender equality – experiencing the same population imbalances? The first is that men are becoming older in wealthier countries.

Men are usually under more pressure to flee their country – they might be forced to join armed forces or are threatened to be killed by them – and furthermore, they tend to take the journey first before they bring their wives and children over. Thomas Johansson explains that there could be two tendencies; women could either increase their bargaining power when picking a partner because they will have more men to choose from.

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