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But USA Gymnastics is continuing to fight, delaying the release.

Many who want reforms in Olympic sports said they are frustrated by the lack of meaningful action."It saddens me because I love our sport,” said Molly Shawen-Kollmann, a former member of the U. national team and current coach in the Cincinnati area. As an organization, they aren't doing their job."“It’s very serious,” said Nancy Hogshead-Makar, an Olympic gold-medal swimmer and attorney who is now CEO of the advocacy group Champion Women.

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In a statement responding to Indy Star’s questions, it said: “Nothing is more important to USA Gymnastics, the Board of Directors and CEO Steve Penny than protecting athletes, which requires sustained vigilance by everyone — coaches, athletes, parents, administrators and officials.

We are saddened when any athlete has been harmed in the course of his or her gymnastics career.”The organization noted several initiatives aimed at creating a safer environment, including the use of criminal background checks for coaches, the practice of publishing the names of coaches banned from its competitions, and programs that provide educational materials to member gyms.

In its statement to Indy Star, USA Gymnastics said it is constantly striving to improve.

In the wake of Indy Star’s August investigation, USA Gymnastics hired a former prosecutor to evaluate its bylaws and offer advice on how to strengthen its policies.

Indy Star went to court in Georgia and won a case in August to unseal depositions and sexual misconduct complaint files on 54 coaches.

The Georgia Supreme Court confirmed that ruling in October and ordered the documents to be made public.And that's exactly why molesting coaches keep getting hired at the next place.Nobody talks about a coach that is inappropriate with athletes; the coach quietly moves away and gets hired someplace else."Mike Jacki, USA Gymnastics president from 1983 to 1994, noted that gymnastics is a sport in which winners and losers are determined by subjective judging."It's just too easy for coaches to keep getting hired and hired and hired.Sexual abuse thrives on the fact that people are embarrassed about the topic, ashamed to talk about it, and they keep quiet about it.During Indy Star’s investigation, USA Gymnastics agreed to one interview with its lawyer and public relations chief.

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