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Package: dpkg Version: 1.18.15 Severity: serious Hi, I just tried to rebuild some packages from non-free.

fonts-larabie builds on amd64 but fails on i386 and armhf. (building on a amd64 machine in pbuilder chroots, armhf using qemu) debian/rules override_dh_builddeb make[1]: Entering directory '/build/fonts-larabie-20011216' dh_builddeb -- -Zxz -Sextreme -z9 dpkg-deb: building package 'fonts-larabie-straight' in '../fonts-larabie-straight_20011216-5_all.deb'.

`'` Debian QA page: The problem is that on 32 bit you cannot use more than 2-3 GB (depending on the architecture) in one process.

#845757 was on a mipsel buildd with 4 cores [1] and 8 GB RAM. Buck - Dragon Seed (depending on the architecture) in one process.

I don't know how much RAM the amd64/i386 buildds have, but I'd guess more than 4 GB... Right, I'm aware of the distinction, but I guess I was wrongly assuming the lzma_physmem() function would return (userspace) addressable physical memory.

A hard upper limit somewhere around 1.5 GB on all 32 bit architectures (or on all architectures, if that's easier to implement) is required. Checking it now, it seems like not, as it uses stuff like sysconf(_SC_PHYS_PAGES).

The analysis is performed in the background, which allows you to see your errors immediately.

Store the results in your profile for a comprehensive analysis of your level of play. e Xtreme Gammon analyzes your decisions during your match and advises you if you made an error.

Although as was mentioned on a thread on d-d, those settings are pretty unfriendly IMO, even more for memory constrained arches, but oh well.

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