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Like most wonderful products of abstinence-only sex education, I didn't realize that HIV came before AIDS, and that I was far more at risk for contracting other STDs. Here are the ups and downs I — and likely, everyone else — go through every single time I get an STD test: Will the doctors judge you for your grunge-chic attire (even though those distressed denim pants are Rag and Bone)?Is it in poor taste to wear red lipstick to Planned Parenthood? You end up settling for a maxi dress with a grown up blazer thrown over the top. You're driving to the clinic feeling sort of mom chic in your grown blazer and floor skimming maxi dress, when suddenly, a dark wave of depression washes all over you.Reading Stuart Holroyd´s Briefing for the landing on planet Earth, is like being catapulted into the fifties - the golden era of contactees.


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She is a good trance subject and Andrija was delighted to find that here was another channel for his cosmic tutors. The main purpose for their contact was to prepare mankind for a landing en masse in the near future.

Andrija and Phyllis are sent on missions all over the world, sitting in hotel rooms praying for world peace.

Mr Holroyd is seemingly unaware of what I like to call the subconscious feedback effect.

Investigating several mediums and contactees here in Sweden I have noted that the information relayed is to a large extent a feedback on your own ideas.

The first time I ever got an STD test, I was 16 years old and convinced that I had full blown AIDS.

Not even HIV, I went straight to AIDS because I was an ignorant, bubble gum-smacking twerp who didn't know anything about anything.

I had seen the harrowing Larry Clark film, "Kids."So, as far as I was concerned, AIDS was running rampant in the school hallways and it was only a matter of time before it happened to me. Now, I'm 30 years old and I get tested every six months no matter what — even when I'm not having sex (which happens from time to time).

Pregnancy, herpes, HPV, chlamydia — they were all small potatoes compared to this big kahunah. Of course, being the bonafide reigning drama queen that I am, getting tested is still a wild emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish.

At the time, I was still technically a virgin with a much older, far more experienced boyfriend (this is before I crossed over to the ~lesbian side~, baby).

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