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I was switched to a natural thyroid hormone from my synthetic synthroid and told that it would likely give me more energy and be much better for my body.

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I don't know what location you are in but I can honestly say that I have no complaints.

Perhaps you should make it known which doctor you had the negative experience with instead of generalizing. My doctor sat with my and gave me an entire program consisting of diet and hormones.

If your "minor symptoms" included not knowing which year it was - perhaps you chose the wrong type of doctor?

Not tracking time in the normal way or making simple mistakes in the year is actually a typical symptom of hormonal imbalance. Sometimes it takes experimentation and yes...sometimes the symptoms are misleading and different hormones are needed to "get it right". I wish you a speedy recovery and the most excellent health! Her story sounds very similar to mine in that the doctor doesn't seem to be reading my chart when he perscribes things to me. My Body Logic doctor immediately told me to increase my thryoid mg, using the synthetic perscription that my primary care physician perscribed.

This way people can get better and more specific information from you. Hi Also Not Happy, I wanted to find out more information about your concerns so that we can help you get some resolution.

Body Logic MD doctors are highly trained and specialize in the delicate balance of hormones in our bodies.

Our doctors pride themselves on being extremely concerned with their patients, and more often than not, you will find that they transitioned out of traditional medicine into our network so they could spend more time and focus more energy on each of their patients.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience - we strive to provide the hightest level of service and ensure that our patients feel their best! In health, Barbara at Body Logic MD [email protected] healthyme50, Are you sure you got your dates right? As of this writing your opening remarks ..."In July of 2010, ..." have not actually occurred.

Bodylogic's doctor had no idea that this happened and he did not intend to test me for three months (Allowing my thyroid function to plummet unnoticed, except by me!

) I switched to a different bodylogicmd doctor at this time and at my initial consultation, it was apparent that he was just reading my chart for the first time (He seemed surprised when he noticed the out of balance thyroid report - done for this consultation) .

Apparently, they don't even want to know how their "customers" feel about the service rendered.

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