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The rim of smashed and jumbled boulders, some the size of buildings, rises 150 feet above the level of the surrounding plain.The crater itself is nearly a mile wide, and 570 feet deep."We can only say it is a possible impact crater at this point, but we feel certain and we think there are probably several more around this area, but we don't want to say where just yet." Meteorite craters pull in tourists There is something about human beings' total lack of control over space and its affects on Earth that inspires great curiosity, and in turn tourism.

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Barringer presented his impact origin theory of the crater to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia in 19.

His evidence included a cross section of crater rim showing overturned rock layers.

The second thing is when a meteorite hits the ground the heat and pressure cause what is known as 'shocked quartz.' It changes the crystalline structure, so we will check for that.

Then we will call the USGS and name the crater "Bender Crater," for Les and Karen Bender (owners of Havre's Bender Wild Game Processing)." D'Alelio and Mainwaring had completed their site research Wednesday and thought to do a little site seeing around the area before heading home, when they found the Mule's catalytic converter had become disengaged from the exhaust pipe.

"Some people stopped and we asked them where the nearest town was.

We showed them our photos and pointed out where the crater was.

When he learned that small balls of meteoritic iron were randomly mixed with the ejected rocks of the crater rim, he immediately concluded that the crater had resulted from a meteorite impact.

If the meteorites had fallen at a different time from the time than when the crater was formed, they would have appeared in separate layers from the ejected rock.

"We zoomed in and saw it had the form of a meteorite impact crater," D'Alelio said.

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