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Early California Laws and Policies related to California Indians, By Kimberly Johnston-Dodds (CRB-02-014 , September 2002) Did the State of California enact laws that prohibited California Indians from practicing their religion, speaking their languages or practicing traditional ceremonies and customs?

Public Law 280: California was one of the original five mandatory Public Law 280 states. Cleaves, Leroy Seidel, Chad Gordon , Patty Ferguson, Kit Winter, Lola Worthington and Lori Soghomonian, focuses on California (one of the mandatory Public Law 280 states) and the inequities suffered by California Tribes, including the impact of Public Law 280. A Short Overview of California Indian History is provided by the California Native American Heritage Commission.

See Public Law 280 Page for information and resources concerning Public Law 280. For over 100 years, studies conducted by federal, state, and private agencies have reached the same conclusion: California Indians are not receiving a fair share from federal Indian programs; and because they have received less support from the federal government, California Indians have suffered in social-economic well-being relative to other Indian groups in other states . California Indian Legal Services (CILS) is the first Indian-controlled law firm organized to provide specialized legal representation to Indians and Indian tribes.

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The change in attitudes and overall sexual confidence is apparent in everything pop culture-- from movies, television and books-- and women are actively taking notes.Some of the links on this site are: Law Help is a joint project of California Indian Legal Services and Public Interest Clearinghouse with the guidance of the Cal Justice Advisory Committee and assistance from advocates at many LSC and IOLTA-funded legal aid programs.The American Indian Children's Council is one of nine advisory councils to the Los Angeles Children's Planning Council.The Status of American Indian Children in Los Angeles (November 2004) is a policy brief by the Los Angeles American Indian Children's Council that presents recent findings on the status of American Indian and Alaskan Native (AIAN) children in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.Major findings on American Indian and Alaskan Native children include: Building and Buying Green in Indian Country: A Practical Guide for California Tribes is a guide that provides tribal project decision makers and planners with an overview of "green" building practices to help them evaluate and choose sustainable options as they develop projects with architects, contractors, suppliers, or other building professionals.They’re not in a hurry to have sex," Pavlicek-Hoff said. Viviana Coles, who specializes in marriage and sex therapy, has been helping couples deal with relationship issues for nearly 15 years.

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