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The first smack stings, ‘you perfected it’ I think then I wince as the second one makes contact with my bare ass.

The third makes me cry out and I have red angry handprints on my bare skin.“The more you cry, the worse it will be for you” you tell me and I try to hush myself but you smack me harder than before and I yelp.“Now you’ve done it!!

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Anyway, I do trust you and I let go of both the duvet and my fears.“Tell me what you want” you say and my response is that I want to be everything you want me to be, to do and enjoy everything you want to take! ” I say quickly while I have the courage,“I want to pretend I don’t like it and I want you to do it anyway.“As in rape? ”“Okay, go and get dressed let’s do this properly”, you tell me and I do exactly as I’m told.

”I’m not sure if you’re talking about the duvet or my inhibitions, not that I have many of those, not by the standards of so called ‘normal people’ as I like to refer to them. Open up” and you aren’t talking physically.“Okay” I take a deep breath and begin.“I want you to treat me like a little girl” my tone is unsure because it’s the first time I’ve said this out loud.“Go on”, you say with a serious air about you that unsettles me.“I want you to abuse your little girl, I want to be used to satisfy your every sick fantasy” and instantly I feel so aroused and liberated for sharing this with you.“Okay babes, I understand” and I wonder whether you really might.“There’s more!

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I do as I’m told and sit down next to you I turn my back towards you and pass you the brush.

You begin gently and the physical attention however innocent it, feels very good.

I say, and it just crept out of me not entirely inappropriate for this scenario I let it go, just this once.“How much do you love me?

” you ask and my reply is immediate.“Lots and lots, more than I can say with words”“Then come here and give me a kiss to show daddy how much you love him” you say and I almost come there and then as I manoeuvre myself and give you a big hug and plant a peck on your mouth.

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