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Brevity is something Twitter is great for, though they are working on expanding character limits for Tweets.

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Type the tag (including the hash) into your search bar.

You’ll be taken to a page full of tweets with a navigation bar like the one below: If you click on ‘Latest,’ you’ll see tweets as they come in under the tag.

Tweet Chat automatically adds the hashtag for the chat to every tweet you send which is valuable.

Questions may be either numbered or labeled as Q# or T#. Chats using the Q format generally ask that answers then use A# or quote-tweeting.

You can also use Tweet Chat or another third-party site.

These tools ask you to log in with your Twitter information.This way, it’s easier to keep track of which question you’re addressing. You’ll start to get a feel for the people within the chat as well as how things are handled.If you’re on a chat using T, know that they tend to be shorter and focused on up to 5 topics in total. First off, I do ask that we stick to the topic at hand as much as possible. If we used the tag as just another way to talk about everything, it wouldn’t mean as much.That way, people will be able to see and interact with your tweets.The easiest way to follow a chat is using that hashtag.Additionally, you can now quote-tweet which allows you to add a short comment while sharing the tweet in question.

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