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This definition clearly implies that de-facto partners are expected to share various aspects of their lives with each other, including finances, liabilities, assets and contractual obligations.

Demonstrating that you and your partner are jointly responsibility for the care and support of your child or children will likely be seen as strong evidence of your relationship.

So you should really look at everything that you ‘share’ and determine whether you can evidence this (and preferably at the same time, also evidence your co-habitation). If these bodies or companies send you correspondence, ask whether they can send you documents in your joint names.

In my view, there is a difference between documents that are addressed to you both, and documents that are only addressed to one of you.

Again, the relevant consideration is whether your documents demonstrate that you are committed to each other, and that you have a shared life.

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Documents generated by third parties that are addressed to you and your partner (these documents can be addressed to one of you only, although documents that are addressed to both you and your partner are stronger in terms of evidencing your relationship).

Examples include: These documents show that you and your partner live together,and also evidence how long you have been living together.But since this type of evidence is self generated, if you submit nothing but documents in this category, it is difficult for your case officer to confidently conclude that your relationship satisfies the the legal definition of a de-facto relationship.The real problem cases are those where only this type of evidence is provided.The below advice is very much my own opinion and is based on my own experience.This type of evidence is strong because it can be relevant to multiple factors which your case officer needs to consider.Sure, this may be a hassle, but showing this level of commitment and the sharing of various aspects of your life will really make it easier for your case officer to conclude that you are in fact in a de-facto relationship.

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