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However, Elizanthonius is a volatile time bomb of rage, sadness, biting, stealing, and injury to self and others. Whenever I’m around Elizanthonius, I pretend to like him.

I put a smile on my face, give out gifts and hugs, play games, etc.

A: What she’s offering sounds difficult but not necessarily impossible.

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) and that perhaps I should get a girlfriend on the side.

: My wife of 20 years has informed me she’s not so interested in sex any more (maybe quarterly?

A: Good to know—it’s much better to address a potential roadblock yourself than to let the admissions department find out themselves, especially if there are so many possible ways for them to uncover this information. Unsympathetic spouse in a divorce: In January, my wife (of two years) told me that she is gay and that she wanted to end our marriage.

I was (and have been) as supportive as I could be in the face of this shocking development.

If all you’re looking for is casual sex with amenable partners, you have options.

If what you’re looking for is one woman who’s down for hooking up a few times a week or month, always at her place, never at yours, and who will never tell anyone about the two of you—that’s going to be pretty tough to find. Don’t like my godchild: I’m the godparent to a kid named “Elizanthonius.” I love the parents dearly and was honored to receive this recognition. The couple has other kids, who are great; and we have other friends with kids that are generally enjoyable (or at least tolerable).

Through much of this process she has been relatively difficult, and has pushed very hard in every step of the process, not being particularly sympathetic to my grief and seemingly oblivious to the fact that her withholding this information from me during every portion of our relationship is the reason that we are in this situation.

I have gone to a therapist during portions of this process and, as with many grief struggles, go through moments of being fine and moments of depression.

Only this would have to be superdiscreet, no sleepovers, no hosting, and none of our friends or family or kids can ever find out.

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