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The 49ers couldn’t overload one side of the line as teams often did last season to get pressure on Newton. Newton badly missed tight end Ed Dickson, who was wide open down the right hash mark, for what could have been an easy touchdown had he understood he had more time to set and make the throw.

He completed only five of his first 16 pass attempts with one touchdown and an interception. But, considering Newton played only one series in the preseason and was coming off surgery to repair a partially torn rotator cuff, Shula wasn’t discouraged.

Those are the things the Panthers were hoping would happen when they made Mc Caffrey the eighth pick of the draft.

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Cam Newton had a nice game on Sunday, rushing for a touchdown and leading his Carolina Panthers to a 20-17 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

But Rivera also saw things from Newton that pleased him, beginning with the shoulder checking out fine on Monday to Newton throwing to eight different targets on Sunday.“Very reminiscent of a couple of years ago,’’ said Rivera, referring to Newton’s MVP season in which he threw a career-high 35 touchdown passes.

“That spreading the ball around creates opportunity for everybody.’’But the biggest thing Rivera had to like was the quarterback who has been hit more than any other since 2011 didn’t take a lot of big hits.

Newton also called an audible on the 40-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Russell Shepard.“He did a great job of getting everybody on the same page,’’ Shula said. But Shula saw enough good things to believe the first pick of the 2011 draft and the offense are headed in the right direction.“You win on the road in the first game, and you haven’t had a lot of practice reps together with the guys that were on the field ...

even with him and Ryan [Kalil], we fumbled the snap, which is crazy, right? “But then you start thinking the last time those two guys had a regular-season rep together it was ...

He was more encouraged that Newton completed his final nine attempts, including a 9-yard touchdown on a screen pass to Stewart.

He jokingly said Newton had the best fourth-quarter completion percentage in the NFL -- 1-for-1 for 2 yards.“I thought he did a really good job on a bunch of plays that helped us win that football game,’’ said Shula, pointing out Newton’s first-down scramble on third-and-4, a 25-yard completion to Kelvin Benjamin just before halftime to set up a field goal, and the touchdown pass to Stewart. We were fortunate enough to make them pay on that.’’Newton’s overall stats -- 171 yards passing and two touchdowns -- won’t make him a star in fantasy football.

Newton targeted running backs nine times against the 49ers, with seven going to Mc Caffrey.

That tied for the third most in his career and the most since Week 14 during his rookie season when he had Jonathan Stewart and De Angelo Williams in the backfield. That, according to ESPN Stats & Info, was lower than all but two games from last season.

Newton discussed wide receiver Devin Funchess, who moved into the Panther’s No.

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