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Andy Biersack attended Catholic grade school, where he was attracted from musical interest.

Later he performed at Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Andy Biersack has established himself as a renowned figure in the musical sector with his fantastic creation and his performance.

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Net Worth and Measurements Andy Biersack has numerous tattoos and he stands 6 feet and 4 inches.

Andy Biersack has a net worth of 2.5 million dollars.

They avoided and mocked him, calling him names, such as "fag" and "emo". Suddenly, the "emo" fashion came into play, and he was no longer the loser to the kids that had once called him "fag," Andy started out his musical career at the age of 14.

Naming his band "Biersack", with a few of his friends participating in it.

Andy Biersack is American rock star singer and pianist.

Biersack is widely famous as lead singer of the American rock band Black Veil Brides.

Andy Biersack was born Andrew Dennis Biersack in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at a young age. When Andy was young, he was the "outcast" as you could sayamong many and was one of the only kids that adored to sport black.

Of course a lot of people thought he was off, and weird.

Synopsis Andy Biersack has been known all across the world for his endeavors as the lead singer of the American rock band Black Veil Brides.

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