Scorpio man dating an aquarius woman

But these zodiac signs are noted for their great pride that does not allow them to admit this.

Their secret eternal complexes sometimes force them to criticize each other, which is often the cause of unfolding battle.

it has been 4 years like this and i feel like um wasting time so what should i do I'm in love with a Scorpio man and I'm a Taurus woman to be honest i haven't met him in real life yet lol we planned to hang out a few times over the past few years but either I cancelled or he did and when I did see him at a concert I got really nervous and acted like I didn't see him.... He's got a kind of raw sexual prowless that draws you in.

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He is also solid in his attention and devotion to me.

Soon after we met, we both talked about how this was different for both of us, way beyond a casual relationship, that we were "building a cord" together.

However, Scorpio wants to learn from a Taurus woman courage, fortitude, firmness of character, which, combined with the subtle intuition of sharp mind would be a treasure of his personality, very valuable both for family life and for business.

Another Taurus' quality that so impresses the Scorpio man is humor.

Scorpio man is drawn to spiritual ideals, while she is attracted to the acquisition of material wealth.

This certain dual nature makes him exist between these fields, and to hide this, Scorpio wears a mask of indifference or arrogance.Taurus woman has a sparkling sense of humor that allows her character not to look "massive" and conservative.Scorpio enviously observes that humor allows the Taurus woman to honorably enter even from difficult situations, avoid self-centeredness, and self-pity.She easily endures pain and troubles, this woman is hardy and is not prone to react to minor pricks.But when the Taurus woman's patience comes to an end - she will be in a raging temper and will leave no stone unturned. Both a Scorpio man and Taurus woman never gossip, and neither are talkative in a company of unfamiliar people - this quality makes them very similar to each other from the outside.They do not like to talk about their personal life and avoid asking questions on personal and familial issues.

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