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I had a patient who, after snorting bath salts (a new synthetic amphetamine derivative that is can be purchased at head shops), abruptly left the hotel room where he was staying because he became paranoid that people were trying to break in and kill him.

He left all of his stuff behind (including wallet, ID, money) and then after wandering the city streets for a few hours wasn’t able to find the hotel, and lost all of his valuables.

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In the classroom, learning experiences need to resemble real-world life experiences.

How can we prepare students for future families, homes, and workplaces without exposing them to members of the opposite sex?

I throw around the words “psychotic” and “psychosis” a lot at work, and sometimes I forget most people don’t know what those terms mean (I didn’t before going through medical school). The interesting thing about psychosis is that only a handful of disorders cause these symptoms, so it’s usually not too tricky to narrow down the diagnosis.

[As a side note: Psychosis is not caused by stress (although stress can bring out underlying symptoms).

Substance-induced psychosis will usually go away on it’s own once the person stops taking drugs.

However, for people with lingering symptoms off drugs, a psychiatrist may prescribe antipsychotic medication as treatment.

I see patients who are psychotic after taking drugs at the VA all the time.

They go out, do some meth, and then come into the ER sure that the Mexican mafia is trying to kill them or that they’re being followed.

Recent research shows that boys also benefit from single-sex classes.

It is likely that teachers of a class of boys will adopt a teaching approach that encourages boys’ tendencies during discussions to be direct and confrontational, loud and excited at times, and to interrupt each other as well as the teacher.

Of course, not all girls and boys are going to be comfortable in single-sex classrooms, so it would have to be voluntary enrollment.

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