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Russia lost over 29,000,000 during that conflict, most of them men.

These days, the reasons are less dramatic and probably have more to do with lifestyle choices than anything else.

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Yet a brief incident with Monica Lewinsky almost cost Bill Clinton his job.

Despite the risk of death and/or heartbreak, women in Russia still believe that finding a man is of paramount importance. Krivovyaz told me that many women will enroll in math or engineering schools in the hope that they will find men there “Women are dependent on men, she says.

That’s because…the life expectancy for Russian men has fallen so sharply (to 59) that by age 65 there are just 46 men left for every 100 women.” Tessa thinks this is true for younger women as well.

As she told me, “More women in Russia nowadays are okay with being in a serious relationship with a married guy.” Astonishingly, Druckerman goes on to remark that “it was clear that Russian men flaunted [their] demographic advantage.

During my time in Moscow, I discovered that this culture of infidelity has a crushing impact on women’s relationships with each other as well.

Imagine if all your friends considered your spouse or partner fair game for a serious relationship: what would that do to your interactions with them?

With the exception of a pastor (who was sitting with his wife at the time), I didn’t meet a single married man in Russia who admitted to being monogamous.” Compare that to the United States, where statistics on adultery are notoriously unreliable due to the fact that people won’t admit to being unfaithful.

According to what I could ascertain, about 60% of men in the US will have an affair, but only 22% will reveal that to a researcher and only a small percentage of them will also reveal it to their wives.

Most Western men who spend any time in Russia quickly find out that they can have their pick of beautiful Russian girls.

It’s assumed that this is because the Russians are aching to move away.

Many years of the one-child-per-family law and an overwhelming preference for sons made abortion and infanticide of baby girls almost de rigueur.

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