Rules of online dating book

Fein and Schneider reckon that asking a man out, even by thoroughly modern means, screams desperation.

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Rules of online dating book

If you don't want to be in any doubt of how interested he is, wait for him to make the first move.

I say: What they've failed to mention here is that most men take a 'numbers game' approach to online dating.

Sounds bonkers, outdated and slightly anti-feminist, but then the book didn't become a worldwide bestseller for nothing. You are essentially creating a relationship for yourself that might not have happened the 'organic' way – as in, waiting for Himself to show enough willingness to make the first move.

Predictably, Fein and Schneider have brought their provocative philosophies kicking and screaming into the digital age, but will their new teachings stack up in the digital age? I say: In a way, this is not entirely dissimilar to a philosophy I find myself intoning time and time again to friends: 'If a guy likes you, you will know.' However, if you really want to be with him, why leave anything to chance?

They hunt for fresh meat and reckon that the more women they hit up – often indiscriminately – the better their chances of striking gold.

Don't look on a mail from a potential online paramour as something other than him panning for dates.

If he's strictly giving it the whole 'whatcha doin'?

' after 1am and disappears underground for the rest of the day, chalk it down to Dutch courage. *Facebook friending They say: Friending a guy you like on Facebook is a no-no, while it is standard practice to wait 24 hours to confirm a friend request from a man you like.

Even more importantly, referring him on Facebook – via tagging, writing on his wall, and so on – is strictly forbidden. Same goes for Twitter and other social networking sites.

I say: You know the sort of girl on Facebook who comments on every picture their paramour puts up, sends lovey-dovey messages publicly on his wall, and pretty much overshares everything in the hope of catching her man's eye? For the love of your budding relationship, and for the love of all humankind.

Texting him to say you've skedaddled to Morocco for the weekend, now that will send him into a tailspin.

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