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DMRS’ Legal Orientation Program (LOP) offers basic information for adult detainees regarding the removal (deportation) process, bond, forms of relief from removal, how to accelerate the removal process, how to represent themselves in immigration court (pro se representation), and how to obtain legal representation.

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General George Washington chose to stay at Valley Forge where his men were suffering.

Noted artist Charles Willson Peale came to the Coates house and painted a miniature portrait of Arnold.

His name first appears in the tax rolls in 1729 in Charlestown Township of which this land was a part until 1826.

The land was passed down through the Coates family until 1867 when Henry Dyer bought it.

The three recessed front doors are capped with transoms, two of which hold Victorian ruby glass etched in a tulip design.

Cupboards flank all the fireplaces with raised panel doors.

It was later sold to Hettie Hallowell and has passed on to other family members from 1896 until the present time.

Through the Revolution, Meadow Brook Farm was visited by both the British and American armies.

The core of this early colonial farmhouse at the left or west side was built about 1754 with construction being stone covered with plaster resulting in a thickness of 18 inches.

It consisted of a rectangular eight-room building with two rooms side by side: in the basement, the first floor, the second floor and the attic. The first stone addition was added to the east wall with a second frame addition in 1896 added to the north wall.

The appearance today is of a nine bay façade with a rhythmical placing of window-door-window.

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