Rockstar social club not updating red dead redemption

The only section that does NOT have a line is the "random" events-- this is completed by doing any 14 random events.

Example is below-- you can readily see from a screenshot from my page that I still need to complete the third triathalon-- but if you look below-- you will see a few other events without the line which indicates they are NOT required for 100%.

The service received a major update in 2012, prior to the release of Max Payne 3, with the addition of social networking features and a "crews" system that allows players to form groups and combine their achievements to unlock bonus features.

Rockstar Games Social Club provides certain different features based on the type of game.

But my game progress won't come up on the checklist. I have linked my PSN account and I can customize all the character's vehicles, etc.

Will it sync the current progress after I've already completed missions/side missions? But my game progress won't come up on the checklist. It should sync as the system you play on starts up the game and connects to social club, first 5 minutes is the time it takes to sync new data in.

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Choose Social Club from the Start menu, then News I think, this gives you the option to hit Y which syncs your stats with the Social Club website.Will it sync the current progress after I've already completed missions/side missions? Syncing happens always and if you loaded up some earlier save file the data should be replaced with what that save currently has, so check by loading up older save file and see if SC info changes assuming you made connection to SC via current gen copy in first place.hello, when i start social club it starts updating but i never get updated after completion i get one error and whenever here's the screenshot i try to click on "offline mode" its giving me one error "check your internet" etc.It is also worth to note that the social club page will be updated when you are online and save the game-- if you happen to load an earlier and save-- it will updated the social club site and only show you having done whatever was done on your latest save.With few exceptions, the social club syncs right away when you save your game-- I've been in the 100% hunt and quick save whenever I complete a requirement and check the page immediately to make sure it counts and it is almost always there (other then about 10 days ago when it was taking up to a day to show things up) I am having an issue with the checklist page. Ive already completed the scrap letters, and even did the mission that follows, yet the page shows I only collected 44.Just want to add as it is NOT readily apparent (I didn't notice til it was pointed out to me by another member)-- but EVERYTHING required for 100% on the social club page has a thin colored line on the left hand side of the icon.

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