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However, I had the choice of Supra TT or the 3000 VR4, and you can see the way I went on that issue.

: DOriginally posted by Revhard The engine is just dying to be modded. Supras have an amazingly strong engine, the stock bottem end on supras is unblievable, and alot stronger than the skylines.

but everybody knows that Supras have crazy strong stock internals and there are also boat loads of supras that are over 900hp a supra with 600hp isn't all that special I think just BPU mods bring it to somewhere near 500hp The only real advantage that i see from the skyline is the AWD system the supra that has the top speed record is TOTALLY modded, from what i remember it didn't have all that much horsepower either, but it was incredibly light. since they're going to be makin the new generation supra, 4000GT or whatever they're goin to call itthey stoped makin teh supra alittle before the R34 came out in japan i believe. but yes i do admit that hte stock engine block ont eh supra is just as strong as the gt-r, but its tranny is no where near as strong.

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The Supra is heavier which also plays as a disadvantage to it, but it makes up for that in overal aero dynamics as stated earlier.

If you want all out pure hp, handling, and a total package of what is available the skyline will out do the Supra.

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and i'm not positive about this, but i think they had 2000 models toothe R34 debuted in 1999 or 98. With a R34 you have a computer monitoring wheelspin, lateral acceleration, and G forces 10 times a second and putting torque to individual wheels that's what i said, the only advantage i see is that the GTR has that AWD system. :) i saw a race between a skyline and supra, and the skyline beat it threw the beginning, but then once that supra got into the top end it caught up and killed the skyline too bad the supra doesn't have the AWD, cause they're real hard to launch the auto supras have a special traction control though, so you get way better launches with it..

Another thing to remember is the Supra uses a 3 liter engine while the GTR uses only a 2.6 litre mill.

But it would be cool if that were true : Dwell if your talkin about top end. meanwhile you see a 700hp supra your ike wow, thats alot for a supra. i wanna see some of the bias opinions that they come up with, cuse off the top of my head, i don't really see any advantages that a supra has over the gt-r.

of course the supra is goin to win cuse the skyline needs alot more horsepower then the supra does to break 200mph. all i think off is aerodynamics, the extra torque which does shit for the aceleration anyways, and an engine thats .6 liters bigger which makes it heavier. I personally like the Supra better, since i've never really even seen a skyline in person.

But people are saying that it's the fastest top speed car (i'm not sayin it's true, just what i heard) i think it went like 260mph I dont know of a secret supra, but I would doubt any cars claim that it can go 260mph and remotely resembles a streetable car. sooooooo since ths stock supra has such crappy traction and handling, thats why it runs high 13's and sometimes low 14's even with soo much torque. plus i rarely ever see people boost their supra's over 1000hp.

I haven't read anything about a production model that is faster then the F1 231mph top speed. soooo in stock wise, the only car that can beat the skyline in straight line speed would be the nsx. mean while i see a boat load of skylines breakin the 1000hp point where when you see a 700hp skyline them seem very tame. i dunno, the skyline has a waaaay longer and better rep then the yeah gangstarr, what did the supra boys say?

that top secret supra or something like that i forget the name.

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