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She was glowing and when I went to go take the tape off the floor she wouldn't let me.

"This is my special surprise mom," she told me-- and anyone else who came to the house that day.

In the event, the duration of the dates was variable and participants had to estimate the time that passed.

Among other measures, participants also rated the potential partners in terms of their physical attractiveness before and after the dates and reported if they would like to exchange contact with them.

Previous studies in laboratorial settings suggest that the visualization of attractive and unattractive photographs influences time.

The major aim of this research is to study time perception and attraction in a realistic social scenario, by investigating if changes in subjective time measured during a speed dating are associated with attraction.

When I read about this idea I knew that I wanted to try it with my children, it is such a unique and fun way to honor their little lives!

So when she woke up on her birthday I told her that I had a special surprise for her and that morning.

Today my Five Things for Friday post is a bit different.

I wrote this post for The Gift of Giving Life blog but I wanted to share it here so that I could have this sweet experience saved on my personal blog.

It is also a little selfish because I also really want to hear your comments! The parties, the balloons, the cake, the presents, the attention.

Birthday's have always been a big deal in my family and celebrating them is a lot of fun.

Their birthdays have become very special days for me and I see the purpose of celebrating a birthday so much differently than I did before.

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