Radioactive dating performed

The Guardian is reporting that a state environmental official suggested that a water collection technician who was gathering samples for a suburban Detroit private water system 'bump out'...5/3/2016 - According to biotech industry and its army of mercenary trolls and science shills, glyphosate is perfectly safe to eat and doesn't cause cancer.

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(Article by , republished from Among...7/7/2016 - Consumer groups have been calling on the U. government to test foods for glyphosate residues on behalf of the public, amid a growing body of evidence showing that the chemical is harmful to human health.

Microbiologist Bruce Hemming was hired two years ago to test breast milk samples for residues...6/14/2016 - At long last, we are now officially announcing the availability of heavy metals analysis and nutritive minerals analysis services at my laboratory, CWC Labs.

The drug in question, clenbuterol, is banned for use in the United...11/12/2016 - A company called u Biome is launching a new service that will allow people to conduct genetic screenings of the bacteria found in their fecal matter, to help identify whether their gut flora are out of balance and making them ill.

The service, known as Smart Gut, consists of a two-minute test performed...11/9/2016 - Testosterone replacement or supplementation products can cause dangerous side effects, including heart attacks, infertility, personality changes and chemical dependency, the FDA has warned.

No mercury was found in 29...10/3/2016 - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is praised for its philanthropy around the world, but much of the foundation's good deeds are merely no-consent vaccine experiments carried out on the poor. dietary supplement consumers are eating Shilajit...9/20/2016 - Freedom of Information documents obtained by the group U. Right to Know reveal that the FDA has confirmed the presence of glyphosate contamination in honey being sold on U. Roundup's explosive commercial...9/13/2016 - It pains me to realize how many millions of people have been harmed by toxic heavy metals found in unscrupulous dietary supplement products sold by hucksters and charlatans. Government has been caught conducting an insane amount of vile, inhumane, and grisly experiments on humans without their consent... These are the thirteen most evil, creepy, disturbing cases of human-testing ever conducted by the United States of America.

Under the pretense of providing healthcare to third world countries, the Gates Foundation instead coerces...9/22/2016 - With each passing day, the nanny/police state encroaches a little further upon our freedom and the right to privacy – using the pretense of "protection" as an excuse to control and monitor every aspect of our daily lives. Yes, that's a pretty big claim, but I've been in this industry for more than 15 years, I run an internationally accredited food...9/12/2016 - Recent tests in my internationally accredited science laboratory (ISO 17025 accreditation, the "gold standard" of analytical excellence) revealed a shilajit supplement to contain an astonishing 2,700 ppb (parts per billion) of lead, a toxic heavy metal linked to cognitive damage. Conspiracy...9/2/2016 - Each day as I witness the sheer chemical suicide of modern humanity, I seriously ask myself how much longer human civilization will survive.

11/21/2016 - The grandson of a former top Nixon and Reagan official was threatened and coerced for exposing the massive scientific corruption at Theranos, a consumer healthcare technology company founded by Elizabeth Holmes at age 19.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Tyler Shultz – grandson of former...11/15/2016 - The National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association recently sent a letter warning NFL players that consuming meat while traveling in Mexico or China could cause them to test positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Now, thanks to independent testing,...5/17/2016 - According to a recent report by CBS New York, NFL player Duane Brown managed to have a suspension overturned by proving that he had eaten contaminated meat while in Mexico. John Hickenlooper declared in November that marijuana bathed in unapproved pesticides poses a threat...5/9/2016 - I wanted to give everybody an update on some of the key projects we're pursuing right now: Our science laboratory, the EPA watch water test results, our "Nutrition Rescue" vitamin C donations, and the status of our Ranger Buckets (storable organic food).

Brown still had his receipts from various eateries in the country, and these were provided as evidence of why the player tested...5/10/2016 - State marijuana regulations have recalled 31 batches of medical marijuana produced by Sunrise Solutions due to health concerns over pesticide use. For starters, thank you for all your water...5/4/2016 - In recent days so-called "smoking gun" evidence has surfaced in the Flint, Michigan, lead contamination scandal.

Bernstein and his friend Anadel Cruz were on their way to visit a relative...7/28/2016 - Officials with Health Canada and the U. Food and Drug Administration have given researchers in Quebec the go-ahead to begin testing a controversial vaccine designed to protect against the Zika virus, which is said to cause microcephaly, a birth defect resulting in decreased head circumference.

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