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She brought Johnston, a former San Jose Mercury News reporter, on her show to discuss the return.He speculated that Trump — or someone authorized by the president — could have been a possible source of the leaked document which he said “came in the mail over the transom.” Maddow wasn’t even off the air — MSNBC kept her on for more than her hour to continue discussing the story — when she came under attack by one of Trump’s most vocal defenders on television: Fox’s Sean Hannity.As it happened, Maddow’s show had only obtained two pages of Trump’s 2005 federal tax return — two pages with “CLIENT COPY” stamped on the front, indicating that the return was leaked not from the Internal Revenue Service but from someone connected to Trump.

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Undoubtedly, Maddow could have handled the returns better.

Two pages of returns that indicate no special wrongdoing do not merit a countdown clock on MSNBC, which ran down throughout “All In With Chris Hayes.” (Hayes said he was receiving tweets during the last segment of his show urging him to get off the air already so that Maddow could start talking.) Maddow’s 20-minute introduction to the returns may be what she always does on her typically news-magaziney show — and it may be a good way of securing viewers through the first break, to keep her ratings robust — but it came off as manipulative, which doesn’t make those viewers particularly happy.

With a single tweet, she set in motion a social media storm, compelled the White House to undercut her by releasing some of President Donald Trump’s tax return information, was accused of breaking the law, was attacked by Fox News Channel and likely drew one of her biggest audiences.

Less than 90 minutes before her show on Tuesday, Maddow, a Castro Valley native and Stanford University alum, tweeted that “we’ve got Trump’s tax returns … That teaser spread like wildfire, and within the hour, MSNBC was running a countdown clock on its screen counting down the minutes to a “Trump Taxes Exclusive.” It was actually another reporter’s exclusive, and more limited than the tweet made it sound.

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