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Nigeria's government says it is reaching out to Boko Haram after a new video surfaced online Sunday showing as many as 50 of the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped in 2014.

President Muhammadu Buhari has previously said he is open talking to Boko Haram through a credible Boko Haram leader.

The video was the latest released by embattled Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, who has denied claims he has been replaced as the leader of the extremist group.

Olatunji Olanrewaju, one of the leaders in the Bring Back Our Girls group, which started in the Nigerian capital of Abuja before spreading around the world via social media, called the video "blackmail," but says it also creates a moment for dialogue.

"The fact that they are still alive means that we should open a channel of negotiation with them," Olanrewaju told VOA.

ISIS, on the other hand, requires only the fealty of its proxies, and that their domestic agendas are ostensibly aimed at instituting Islamist governance where they operate.

In doing so, they inherently honour , ensuring that the caliphate is remaining and expanding.In so doing, Washington would dilute the credence of the ISIS slogan of ' Secondly, prior to the June communiqué, the commander of the US military's Special Operations in Africa claimed that evidence of Boko Haram and ISIS collaborating was increasing. Bolduc cited the April 2016 interception of an arms convoy from an ISIS stronghold in Libya en route to the Boko Haram-embattled Lake Chad region as proof of the growing collaboration between the two groups.With US officials both reinforcing and debunking the depth of links between the world's deadliest terrorist organisations, perhaps strategically so, which of these contradictory statements holds the most weight?How this power struggle affects the possibility of negotiations may be just one of many challenges to bringing the Chibok girls home.In early June, a US official provided insight into one of the fiercely debated topics surrounding extremist Islamists."If we get the girls out of the way, maybe the government can go all out after them.

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