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Over Here features Colonel Lochley on Babylon 5 awaiting Sheridan's arrival, who summons Father Cassidy from Earth space to help deal with a mysterious, seemingly supernatural problem.This supernatural problem turns out to be that security officer Simon Burke has been possessed by a demonic life form named Asmodeus.Jay Firestone, Mallozzi and Paul Mullie executive produced.

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When the project and its budgets were first green-lit, Straczynski stated that they were planning a first DVD containing three half-hour episodes, to add up to around 75–90 minutes of story material.

(This was subsequently changed to two forty-minute episodes.) He also stated that there would be additional material, adding up to a two hour DVD.

The series featured Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr.

and Jodelle Ferland with Roger Cross and Zoie Palmer.

Galen was not technically a cast member from Babylon 5, although he did appear in the TV movie A Call to Arms.

Voices In The Dark is the title of the only DVD to be published.

A new 21st century take on the beloved Universal Monsters from the 1930s and '40s, this is something fans have either anticipated or feared, but as it's here, we explore what it will transform into next. The original was released in 1935 and still remains as one of the few truly breathtaking examples of a horror sequel that builds on what came before and makes its own wonderful achievement.

David Koepp, who contributed to the script for , apparently turned in a script for the film in 2016 that was well received by the studio.

Despite weathering recent controversies, Depp is still a star with solid clout in Hollywood and has always had an affinity for classic horror, which the 1933 James Whale film, ). was already remade in 2010 to mixed results (personally, we believe a better script and a more sympathetic lead actor as Talbot could’ve made the otherwise gorgeous-looking movie a success).

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