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But there was no going back for him, he underwent that severe surgery in which a laser was used to cauterize the affected area of his heart, however, there was nothing to worry, within some days he rejoined his practice with same enthusiasm.

He is one of the most marketable athletes in the sport.

Recently Forbes magazine named him as the world’s best-paid athlete, moreover ESPN ranked him the world’s most famous athlete.

After his father’s death, family’s responsibility came on the shoulder of his mother, the financial condition of his family became very weak.

Ronaldo’s mother needs to work at other’s house as a cook to earn her livelihood along with her family.

Through his industrious game, he became famous in the capital of Portugal.

Somewhere in between, he was found with a disease known as ‘Tachycardia’(A rapid heart beat).New Delhi: It seems actress Priyanka Chopra is shouting out words, ‘Stop Me If You Can’.Just when one would think, she might be taking a small break in her Hollywood career, she surprises once again.This match was a turning point for the Cristiano Ronaldo as this was a match in which ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’, manager of the Manchester United FC saw this brilliant player and signed him for his club with a signing amount of million.This was highest signing amount in the history of Football. He signed a 6-year contract with the Real Madrid from 2009-2015, however, he extended his contract till 2021 by signing a deal of Rs1,864 Cr and only with this deal he became the richest football player in the world.Ronaldo was named the best Portuguese player of all time by the Portuguese Football Federation, during its 100th-anniversary celebrations in 2015.

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