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Speaking about the revival mini-series in 2016, Sarah Wayne Callies (who plays Sara Tancredi) said: "This was pitched as, 'We're gonna do 9 episodes, drop the mic and walk away' and I'm fine with that."But, even back then, her co-star Miller was more open to the possibility of bringing back again: "There's always room for more, in my mind," he said.

"As long as it's a story that's worth telling, as long as it feels justified and cool and edgy."It has to be something that's not going to let the fans down, that's going to satisfy and surprise.

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Interestingly, Scheuring's original ending for the recent mini-series suggested that Scofield would indeed struggle to settle down.

"The idea was Michael comes back and he's apparently got a normal life, but with that comes a creeping paranoia that things can't stay good like this."Unfortunately, that's not on screen, but...

Creative integrity is really important and if we could arrive at a story that we felt was worthwhile…

then it's possible."It all comes from Fox ultimately…

hopefully the audience gets the subtext that life will never be normal for Michael Scofield." does continue, it won't be for a while.

Certainly don't expect new episodes at the same time next year."It's definitely not something we want to do every season – we want to make it special," said Dana Walden, explaining that the show is more likely to return intermittently, either for another mini-series or a one-off."If the right storyline comes along, I am sure the gang would be back to do it again," said Vaun Wilmott, implying that any main character still breathing at the end of the latest mini-series could be back.I'm open to the conversation."Speaking to Digital Spy later that year, he reiterated his position: "Depending on how [the revival's] received, and who's available, there could be another conversation about another bite of the apple."With Michael and Sara's son Mike Jr.(Christian Michael Cooper) now a key part of the series, Miller said: "I feel like there's more story there and now we're talking about multiple generations."Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) was even more keen, insisting in April 2017 that he'd "do years" of the show, and "would love to do season six".another season wouldn't happen unless they felt it was within their interest."Happily, FOX top dog Dana Walden has stated that the network would "definitely consider doing more episodes" – which means the ball's now back in Scheuring's court.FOX entertainment boss David Madden confirmed, as of August 2017, there is "nothing" in the works for The latest season ended with Michael granted full immunity for the crimes he committed while under the thrall of rogue CIA agent Poseidon (Mark Feuerstein), leaving our hero free to play happy families with Sara and Mike Jr."I couldn't tell you another story about this group of people," he said.

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