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Excerpts from the chat: 1) Salman was livid at you during the weekend episode.

In the past, we have seen contestants like Sky, Pooja Bedi, Priyanka Jagga, Swami Om whose careers were ruined after taking with Salman on the show. 2) But when you were on Salman’s radar you never said anything? I did but the channel did not air it because they couldn’t afford to show the host getting insulted!

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Well, they are not together anymore and Veena is now married to an Arab businessman.

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant This couple literally got married on the show.

There was even a controversial 'going to the bathroom together' episode.

Kushal even proposed to Gauhar saying he wants to grow old with her. Then later, they officially announced their break up few months after the show. Rumors were that Tanisha's sister Kajol and mother Tanuja were not happy with their relationship.

And while we wait for more controversial love stories in the next season, here are 10 couples that met on the show and let love fly.

While they might not have continued their relationship long after the show, they certainly did entertain us.

Rumors were that Diandra got pregnant during the show.

Gautam Gulati won the show and said he regrets going to the bathroom with Diandra and he kissed her because it would be rude and embarrassing for the girl if he wouldn't. Read: Bigg Boss 9 new video: Salman Khan adds to the confusion Read: Bigg Boss 9 final list revealed.

There has to be one such couple every season that makes headlines and is majorly responsible for the show’s TRP and fan following.

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