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The body of the test contains blocks like given, expect, when, and then.

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(Let’s just pretend the dalliance into applets never happened, okay? IT NEVER HAPPENED.) When Sun first proposed an architecture for web apps, they suggested a variation of Model-View-Controller they called “Model 1″: The Java Beans at the time were largely a way of getting the controller code out of the view layer and into classes.

Even when Sun gave up and adopted Model 2, where the controllers were suddenly servlets, the Java Beans were still part of the Model.

Spock tests are readable even to people who don’t know the framework.

Each test method has a descriptive name surrounded by quotes.

It has been, and always shall be, your friendly testing framework (okay, no more, I’m done).

The point is, now I have a test, so now I am free to refactor my POJO into a POGO. I figured all I’d find was something about pogo sticks, but boy was I in for a surprise.Back in 1997 I even managed to convince my boss at the time to purchase the recommended editing environment, called Sun Java Workbench, for which I am profoundly sorry. As I recall, the pipes could only go in rectangular directions, because, well, I have no idea, but it looked good.Comparable IDEs at the time were Symantec’s Visual Cafe, IBM’s Visual Age for Java, and Borland’s Java IDE. I’d insert a picture here, but even Google’s Image Search couldn’t find one. Getting back to the Java Beans specification, it gave us a few interesting innovations: The spec also defined java.beans.If you’re going to write all that code, even if it’s generated by your IDE, you might as well write a test, too.Here’s a test for the Java Task class, implemented in Groovy. Since they’re so intellectually simple, yet powerful, it’s also the source of many POGO-related non sequiturs. Deep in the mists of time when Java was shiny and new (circa 1996), Java added the “Java Beans Specification” to the language.

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