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They demonstrate how the validation process works, what form elements are supported, and much more.

Note: You can make contact forms quickly with Simfatic Forms.

For client side validation, we will use the Free Java Script Form Validation Script.

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If you forget, you'll be reminded by an error message displayed above your form.

Line 4: In order to create an instance of the Form class, you'll need to first include PFBC/

Bootstrap incorporates responsive CSS, which means your forms not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browser, but in tablet and smartphone browsers as well.

To see responsive CSS in action, resize your browser window and watch how the login form in the Getting Started section responds.

Another enhancement in version 3.x is the addition of 13 HTML5 elements, which you can check out in our HTML5 example.

HTML5 form elements and attributes improve your form's usability - especially on tablets and smartphones where data is entered with virtual keyboards.The other files/directories outside of the PFBC folder (like this one) that are included in the download are provided only for instruction and can be omitted from your production environment. Namespaces weren't introduced in PHP until version 5.3.0, so if you're web server is running an older version of PHP 5, then you will need to use PFBC 3.1 (PHP 5).Once the PFBC directory is up on your web server, you're ready to create your first form.However, the client side validation can just be bypassed by disabling Java Script in the browser.Therefore, we need to validate on the server side as well.Making the contact form simple (any form – for that matter) gets you more submissions.

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