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It took several times seeing each other before Basinger got up the nerve to ask Nykolay for his name and number.

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He also had to wear diapers because the condition made him incontinent. "I was 'the AIDS guy.' That's an isolating feeling. In scientific terms, it's being called serosorting.

The pair hit it off almost immediately and became fast boyfriends. In San Francisco, the estimated HIV incidence rate among gay and bisexual men is down to 1.2 percent, from the city's previous estimate of 2.2 percent a year (first reported in 2001), according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study published in June. Mitch Katz, San Francisco's public health director. It's one of the explanations we have for the flattening of the (HIV) seroincidence curve.

"I exclusively date HIV-positive guys," Jewell said.

"I don't use condoms so it's easier to relate to somebody who is positive that way.

"As an HIV prevention strategy, serosorting is quite effective for positive and negative couples," Katz said.

"It enables men to have the sex they want without worrying about contracting HIV." Katz said another probable cause for the leveling off of infections is that more HIV-positive people have access to medications, which when adhered to make them less infectious to sexual partners by reducing their viral loads. Even if the person is telling you the truth as they know it, how certain can someone be about the truth?

On top of it all, he was still grieving the loss of a partner to AIDS the previous summer. "Looking back, it was amazing," Nykolay said, sitting in Basinger's living room on a separate couch. He had been through a hard place, but he was free flowing." Nykolay was also going through a difficult time, battling spinal myelopathy. We could share that and understand that." This made the two men part of what health experts in San Francisco believe is a significant trend.

"My head was so thick," Basinger, 39, recalled in a recent interview, while seated on a couch at his condominium in South Beach. His virus was concentrated in his spine, which made it difficult for him to walk. It might seem that would be a barrier to getting involved, but it was the opposite. "When I was sick, people would stare," Basinger recalled. They say that HIV positive couples -- as well as their negative counterparts -- are helping reduce HIV infections when they choose to limit sexual encounters to partners of like HIV status.

Many HIV-positive guys are not working, so we have more time available.

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