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standout was last photographed in public on June 14 during the L. Film Festival, when she was the pregnant lady of the hour at "Maya Rudolph: The Serious Business of Being Funny" at the American Airlines Theatre.Anderson has been busy putting the finishing touches on his latest film, , set in 1970 and starring Joaquin Phoenixas a detective who goes searching for his missing ex-girlfriend.

The cast and crew unanimously sang the praises of Anderson’s directing.

Maya Rudolph, who is Anderson’s longtime partner, makes a brief but memorable appearance in her first role in one of his films. Based on Thomas Pynchon’s novel of the same name, the film is a sprawling hybrid of whacked-out comedy and film noir set in 1970.

Fellas look good in bell bottoms.” The afterparty was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where the laughter and embracing continued.

Notable attendees included Andy Samberg, who is married to Newsom and starred on “Saturday Night Live” with Rudolph; Bill Hader, another SNL alum; and John C.

Even the previews of Newsom’s voiceover in the film’s trailer sparked conversations about the rarity of female voiceover work. Regarding his character’s beach bum appearance, he said, “I didn’t shower for five and a half months on Paul’s recommendation. “I feel like this is such an era that’s overexposed,” Malone said.

“It was a really interesting decision that Paul made to have a female narrator of the film, especially because the film is sort of a noir/mystery/detective story, and in many ways that genre tends to portray women as a little two-dimensional,” Newsom said. It’s kind of a clue that it’s not that kind of a movie and that it’s multilayered.” Newcomer Jordan Christian Hearn said he tremendously enjoyed working with Anderson. “So many films are made about it, so many documentaries, that I feel like it’s something that culturally we’re very aware returning to music videos after more than a decade, joining forces once again with alternative music icon Fiona Apple.The video for "Hot Knife," the 10th and final track off Apple's latest album, , is artfully shot, using both black-and-white and color film, along with multiple split-screens., released one month prior and containing more than 400 characters in its full title, a sufficiently unwieldy complement to Magnolia‘s uncompromising and studio-defying three-plus hours of running time.Anderson and Apple had earned the right to be audacious with recent, highly successful breakthroughs — 1997’s Oscar-nominated Boogie Nights for him, 1996’s triple-platinum Tidal and the Alternative Nation staple “Criminal” for her. ) were ready for their full-on genius-in-their-own-time close-ups, risk of overexposure be damned.The prestigious film’s large cast also includes Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Josh Brolin, and Martin Short.

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