Outlook unread mail folder not updating

You have to download a unified setup program and selectively install Windows Live Mail from the advanced options, otherwise you end up with Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and God knows what other crap. It obviously connects very well to Microsoft services, but Gmail and Yahoo work as well (like any other IMAP/POP3 account).

You have to manually configure everything, including telling which IMAP folder is trash, which is inbox, etc.

The emails in the junk folder are left as unread and you have to set up a filter/rule if you don’t want to be notified of new spam.

The security issue about Mailbird is so lowered to DEFCON 3, but still the fact that there’s no way to opt-out After all the noise Mailbird finally made clear what data they are collecting.

If it wasn’t for this post nobody would know what Mailbird was collecting and probably your data would still be sent over a clear connection. Mail Bird look and feel comes from the now defunct Sparrow.

So here starts my hunt for the perfect desktop mail client.

It seems that all efforts nowadays are spent on mobile. Am I just a retro-junkie, a dinosaur that will have to adapt or extinguish? First of all let me say that it’s kinda sad that your privacy is always the last thing companies care about. I’m happy to see that they finally encrypted the data!

For a recent work I had to build myself a dedicated Windows machine.

It was since 2008 that I didn’t use a Windows computer on a daily basis so I had to spend quite some time to find what’s new in the Windows software landscape.

I handle most of my emails through gmail’s web interface.

It’s a fantastic application and it spoiled me to the point that leaving it has become almost impossible.

The interface also needs quite some time to be personalized and some options are hard to find or not trivial to use.

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