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The number showing up on your caller ID is for a fax machine for the military in Illinois.

A man from a third world country is spoofing (faking ) this number on your caller ID. I know I shouldn't have, but I called the number back out of curiosity and heard what sounded like foreigners speaking back and forth.

All I needed to do was verify my information and they would transfer the money into my checking account. He said he had the application right in front of him and became aggressive with me.

I told him to shred the application that I haven't nor would I fill out any loan applications because I am sick. He was trying to tell me my husband may have submitted the application.

He wants you to either send him a gift card or give him your banking route number and account number so he can buy a wife and move out of his one bedroom apartment that he shares with his grandparents. Then one of them yelled into the phone "hello" three times back to back and I hung up. Immediately knew it was a scam as he was unable to quote interest rates (and didn't know how to calculate percentages) and sounded very unprofessional.

Next time he calls you, tell him LUCY told him it's not the Americans who are scum, but the men who claim Ghandi is their role model that he is an embarrassment to his ancestors and to go to hell. I decided to have some fun and led him on for 20 mins about how interested I was. Wanted me to press 1 to speak to someone, press 3 to have them stop calling.We have had more un-wanted calls since being on the DO NOT CALL LIST.Most go to the answering machine which they leave no message.They'll loan you any amount you ask for but require the first months loan payment to be made up front. A message was left on my machine, but they have called numerous times before and I have pressed 3 to have them remove me from their list.I told him to just deduct it from the loan balance and send the money over... Claimed he was from a loan company that my loan for 00 was approved and that they were actually going to give me ,000.A voicemail was left on my cell telling me that the IRS had a lawsuit against me and I must call back immediately. Saddened at our abbreviated relationship, I gave the phone to my husband,.

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