Online dating scams to avoid

How the Scam Works: You sign up for an online dating website and receive a message from someone.He or she lives far away (a typical excuse used by scammers is claiming to be working overseas or in the military). The love interest gets you “hooked” as you and he or she exchanged messages through the dating site.

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Keep Your Personal Data Private This should go without saying, but whenever you interact with someone on a dating site or any other online platform, you should keep personal data out of the conversation.

No one should have any reason to know exactly where you live, your social security or bank account number or even your phone number.

It’s great to meet someone, but unfortunately online dating is a popular place for scams.

Striker Pierce LLC is here to warn those who use online dating services to be aware and alert regarding online dating scams and fake profiles.

If you believe that you are a victim of an online dating scam, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] at our main office at (571)-451-4833 with any questions and to explore other options.

At Striker Pierce LLC, our Case Specialists can help you customize your online dating background investigation to meet your needs and work within your budget and ours.

So then, you start emailing or chatting through a different service.

Soon, you exchange photos and messages more frequently.

One of the most challenging aspect in the life of an immigrant is finding love in a country where they do not a large network of personal connections.

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