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When you hit the website the first time, you are told that Omegle is a great place to meet friends. If I did, I would pretend to have some on Facebook. But even so, you can't really be sure about anything.

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This assumption is bold, but expected from people who have My Space accounts, but it also showsthe skewed perspective of reality they have. It's a little disturbing that it takes only about seven seconds to talk to someone on the far side of the globe.

While the wonders of technology have made the world so much more uniform, so much more accessible, they have also infinitely increased the exposure to negative aspects of human society.

No fancy scrolling links or banners or stupid names. Plus, it's been some ten years since I last tried chatting, so I gave it a try. It's one of the most common ways people filter out other people online. You can be fat, bald, thin, rich, poor, 83 years of age, it makes no difference whatsoever.

This article is the summary report of my social experiment with Omegle. And it's probably the stupidest thing anyone could do. There is no way you can ascertain the identity of the other person. At best, you may be smartenough to catch an inconsistency in their story or work through a detailed investigation that might confirm or refute their claims.

It is possible that supposedly young people do not want to talk to you.

But it is also likely that you simply may be in the way of an alarmingly high number of perverts.

In fact, I would recommend to anyone going to Omegle for the first time to give their age at a boring 45 or so.

This could hopefully scare away some of the resident cretins. Here's a humorous (and rather true) distribution chart of the character types of the Omegle populace: Some types may exist in more than one category, all at the same time.

Every song on this list prompts the question of how the hell anyone got away with playing it on the radio (in some cases, they didn't).

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